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  1. Testing out the black list. Anyone have a really good experience with the site?

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    2. egerst


      3- I understand the need to keep reader private, But I would have at least like to know what kind of industry pros DLed it. Prod Co? Agent? etc. I'd also say that a few yrs ago this may have been a good place to get noticed but now theres 1000s of scripts just sitting there with no way to aggregate them to the people who should see them. Id say its good for fast cheap feedback and the coverage was decent. That's just my 5 cents.

    3. Scott Crawford

      Scott Crawford

      Everything I hear is of a similar nature, especially the contradictory nature of reviews. You expect people to react differently to a script, but not THAT differently. It could be an ending should be improved, most endings COULD be improved, but some people are more willing to except a straightforward, traditional ending. But still, people getting a new 8 and. 3 for the same script?!

    4. Nic.Lishko


      Thanks for all the info! We're trying it out just to see right now. I think it all comes down to personal tastes, which really isn't a super objective way to look at something. If you're going from an 8 to a 3, I have to imagine that the 3 reviewer is looking at that 8 saying "no way" and just going in with a IMUSTBREAKYOU attitude.

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