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  1. Testing out the black list. Anyone have a really good experience with the site?

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    2. drb000


      I could be way off here, but I thought there were safeguards against that. Like when a script is assigned to a reader, they don't have access to the other reviews for that script, etc. Now maybe if they have another BL account for their personal use, they can work around that, of course. Again, I could be wrong

    3. sometimeaftertwoam


      Basically everyone who gets a good review loves the service and everyone who gets a bad review hates it.

    4. mnml


      Any recent examples of BL success leading to sales, options, reps, etc? That is, is the site a smart avenue for writers with a strong piece of material yet no industry contacts? Trying to remember if guys like Dan Dollar utilized that route to make their entrance.

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