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  1. Got a job in Colorado working for Comcast Spotlight. In other news, my student loans best be counting their days. I PLAN ON KILLING THEM FIRST.

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    2. sbbn


      Yeah, the plant houses are good to go. The soil is gentle and the undead obnoxious.


      As a sidenote, if you're going to be working in Denver I wouldn't live in/commute from the Springs. I've lived in both Denver and the Springs (love both but Denver is more for me) and that's a rough commute to making regularly. Castle Rock is about as far south as I would go for a Denver commute.

    3. Nic.Lishko


      Castle Rock?! I haven't sold ten scripts yet, ha! Thanks for the info man, I'll be in touch with ya more about it in the coming weeks and months :D

    4. sbbn


      Shoot me a pm when you need more info - I'm happy to help with my thoughts on the area.

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