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  1. After several recommendations to watch A Simple Plan, I got a group together and watched it. 4 of the 5 people HATED it. Said they don't like movies that make you think. This is your audience talking. I liked it though...

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    2. aphid47


      I remember really enjoying that film. I also remember when they filmed it here ;)

    3. Nic.Lishko


      Yes to most of what was said. You're the best diet green tea, i swear I'll send you a case of lipton one day.

      They said they weren't ready for a serious movie and they wanted to laugh and that movies that bum you out don't have a purpose.

    4. sankofa


      A Simple Plan is fucking fantastic and anyone who hates it must be intellectually challenged. (Yea, I said it. What? What now? WHAAAAAT?!?! :))

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