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  1. As I prep for a move to LA, I'm looking for living suggestions. Thoughts? On a budget (i'm quitting my job to move), but I want to be close to the "action" and hopefully get an internship or a PA job right away. Thanks in advance!

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    2. Nic.Lishko


      I wish Phoenix has a film presence of any kind...Doing the little film festivals that come around have actually been pretty helpful. We took 9th out of 66th with this pup:

      there's a 24 hour one coming up in a few months...

    3. Allen


      Certain parts of North Hollywood, near Studio City, are very nice, and not too expensive. Burbank, Studio City, Sherman Oaks are all good places, though a bit on the expensive side.


      I completely disagree about the "don't live in the valley" comment; it's not an ideal place if you go out a lot and want to party and all that, but, depending on what part of the valley you ultimately decide to call home, getting around really isn't that much trouble. And it's c...

    4. Allen


      *cheap. It's cheap.

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