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  1. Any one using the blacklist to host your script refute a rating? I got a 4 along with 2 7s.

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    2. agkinowerken


      I bought 2 reviews. Both came in at a 7 (with subcategories rated as high as 9) and both had some food for thought in the notes section. One review however had some accuracy issues (e.g. wrong locations). I complained and they offered a free replacement. Big, big mistake. That review came in at 5, thus sending a shiv into my overall rating.

    3. agkinowerken


      And not that it matters on the Blacklist but the script in question was a runner-up at Scriptapalooza a few years back. Lesson learned: think twice before requesting a replacement review.

    4. Pompalompa


      yeah it seems to be a real crap shoot. I brought this up because of some of the weakness didn't make sense and conflicted with my two previous higher reviews. They offered a half off review but I won't take it. Thanks again. Love this site.

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