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  1. The hobbit was a mess. A big mess.

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    2. Corsairs


      Axalon, speaking for myself, I found it soulless and utterly wearying. The action never stops long enough for us to get to know Bilbo or the dwarves. The story starts in mid-stream (woe to those who haven't seen the first film) and lacks any kind of satisfying conclusion. It's just "stuff happening" over and over for 161 minutes.

    3. Pompalompa


      Corsairs pretty much sums it up. I knew it was going to be bad when the movie started with a flashback between two characters talking in a bar with absolutely zero conflict. The whole movie was unfocused, more so than Star Wars Episode I. The characters were so unlikeable and the fake love triangle they inserted was so terrible. I have a few more gripes but it I'd run out of room.


    4. Pompalompa


      48 fps fight scenes is the real deal though. it really made a difference.

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