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  1. Holy crap they gutted it like a fish. http://collider.com/edge-of-tomorrow-trailer/

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    2. Pompalompa


      i'm not knocking the trailer but it's nothing like the script that I read and loved. Tom is a great actor and I loved what he did in oblivion but I'm just so disappointed with the direction they've taken.

    3. Pompalompa


      ps anyone that hasn't read the script should. it's that good

    4. axalon


      I just...why did they add all those new aliens? I don't understand. The whole story with the Full Metal Bitch is now completely different.


      I loved the early draft where the guy was a 20-something. Just this scared kid not knowing what to do. It fit the story that much better.


      I love Tom, but this is one sci-fi movie that didn't need him.

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