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  1. As great as so much television is these days, and as addictively as I tune in to some of it, I tend not to re-watch it. Yet I do re-watch movies. I'm curious if others have similar tendencies. And thoughts on why that is (or isn't). Assuming this is the case for others, is it something as simple as production value? Or does it go deeper? Does it have to do with the story mechanics? Like, in order to go on this 2 hour journey, movies are super-compressed with idea and emotion, and...

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    2. opie100


      Didn't Voltaire imply that the joy of recognition surpasses the joy of surprise?

    3. Michael L

      Michael L

      Thanks for thoughts -- I agree with many. I also think there's something to be said for design, and how that resonates with us. And historically in films there really has been a high level of consideration applied to shotmaking and prod design, that television because of its production constraints, usually doesn't allow its filmmakers to indulge to the same degrees. And I think this is built in to the best screenplays. All of this of course subjective and...


    4. Michael L

      Michael L

      ...apparently for many here TV is rewarding on repeat visits, so, so much for my psuedo-scientific speculations. On a perhaps unrelated note I once went around counting cuts-per-minute in TV shows vs films, just to see if there were any glaring differences in timing and momentum. If I recall they were quite similar. Anyway, none of this helping me deal with the massive exposition dump smoldering at the end of my overlong first "act." Back to work, friends...!


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