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  1. Breaking Bad. The "wow" just keeps on coming.

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    2. axalon


      I remember a plot point in season 5 of Mad Men was Don's daughter having her period. That's it, she just had her period.


      Season 6 was better, but for a while there Mad Men just sat in neutral.

    3. dsjones


      I mean, let's be real: Mad Men has nothing on Breaking Bad. It's overhyped. Writing's decent, but I don't find Don a persuasive character - hell, he bored me until the season 6 finale. That speech in the boardroom was when he finally clicked for me. With BB and MM ending, AMC's only really got Walking Dead and Hell on Wheels...and Walking Dead really needs to atone for the horror that was the Season 3 finale.

    4. benskelly2


      I love both BB and MM. I think they represent some of the best TV of the last 25 years. And I'm not an easy lay. I hate a lot of "hot" shows.

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