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  1. Is a World of Warcraft movie cool? Your thoughts.

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    2. adlocke


      rings and the cgi monsters looked like they were probably as best as they could get. not too convincing. don't know any of the actors or characters so i wouldn't have that moment where you recogize them for the first time which is the whole point of these movies. i'm more of a bring books to life kinda guy, y'know where you already know the storyline but you look to catch the differences, but again, can't do that here. i used to play hollywood stock exchange as a kid so th...

    3. adlocke


      this was a long time ago and i'm surprised that's still a thing, but it seems like something i would of bought. i wasn't very good at it, so i don't know if that's any indicator of if everybody will like it. probably will crush over in china. overall, i think i could settle into it. the trailer didn't overload you with a whole lotta action, so it looks like they're trying to invest in the story. i'd say seems cool.

    4. rywold


      I played a lot back in the day, from 04-08 or so. It has a huge built-in audience. Probably 20-40 million subscribers since 2004. Even more that play other MMOs and RPGs. I'd bet on it pulling in big $$. Skyrim, Runescape, Everquest, lots of potential worlds out there if this one does well.

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