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  1. I often wonder what studio execs are thinking. Am I the only one who is not surprised that movies like Burnt and Our Brand is Crisis are flops?

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    2. andrewpwoodberry


      If you believe their comments... Warners really wants to stay in business with Sandra/George, so happy to take on a passion project for her. Weinstein didn't invest much in Burnt and thinks it can do well overseas because of int'l cast. Both are small misses compared with say Pan or Seventh Son.

    3. benskelly2


      What's your point? That they shouldn't be made at all or released in theatres?

    4. adlocke


      i don't know my point. i hadn't assembled a presentation for this fictitious meeting. but, off the cuff, i'd go with shouldn't be made at all. remembering back, i think i used release as an all encompassing term. didn't think and still don't know if people are aware of canned movies. basically, people assume if something gets made, it gets released.

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