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  1. I'm contemplating a move to a Macbook after not finding a PC laptop I really like. I have a PC desktop, so the laptop will not be my primary machine. I'm looking for portability but need enough power for writing/surfing, maybe some Netfilx. I'd appreciate hearing users' thoughts on Macbook Airs and Pro retinas. Thanks!

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    2. sbbn


      I have to say I don't get all the switch to PC crowd - I went the other way after getting fed up with Microsoft garbage and I've never regretted that switch (and I'll never go back to a PC). I have the retina and love it. I haven't used an Air but the retina I have (I think it's a 13") is light enough and thin enough that there hasn't ever been a point I wished I had gone with the Air.

    3. sbbn


      I can't remember if they have Air with retina but I don't think they do. I would absolutely take retina over Air any day, no matter how much lighter or thinner - the retina display is absolutely incredible.

    4. sbbn


      One other thing, you can't get Highland on the PC.

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