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  1. I'm contemplating a move to a Macbook after not finding a PC laptop I really like. I have a PC desktop, so the laptop will not be my primary machine. I'm looking for portability but need enough power for writing/surfing, maybe some Netfilx. I'd appreciate hearing users' thoughts on Macbook Airs and Pro retinas. Thanks!

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    2. StringerBell


      Thanks, all! sbbn, I'm leaning toward the 13" MBP, too. I bought five laptops in the last 3 weeks, so we'll see which one wins. I've always used a PC, so it will be an adjustment if Mac wins out. Thanks again, everyone.

    3. kvpiet




      Try the HP EliteBook Revolve G2

    4. StringerBell


      Thanks kvpiet. I hadn't seen that model, but I'm not a fan of HP laptops.

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