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  1. I'm contemplating a move to a Macbook after not finding a PC laptop I really like. I have a PC desktop, so the laptop will not be my primary machine. I'm looking for portability but need enough power for writing/surfing, maybe some Netfilx. I'd appreciate hearing users' thoughts on Macbook Airs and Pro retinas. Thanks!

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    2. Preminger


      Yeah, I know about the shortcuts on Mac.... it's just that PC has a lot of those keys and other user friendly designs more available. Sometimes, I'm on the phone or doing something with my free hand and liked how PC made it so easy. I would switch to Macs because they are the future, but just be aware of some of the less user friendly aspects when deciding on the Macs. Next time, I will play around with each version and even spend more just to get one that's comfortable. I kin...

    3. Preminger


      (continued) I kind of hate my mac.

    4. Preminger


      My biggest gripe is with organization of the files and saving. I've asked every Mac expert and they have all told me that soeme of those features just not available with Macs. Like if you have 10 word documents and you want them to be linked in one document with many sccaded tabs instead of 10 separate tabs that take up space.

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