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  1. I think I'm using the term PRELAP wrong? I'm using it for a VO that starts before that scene begins. Is that correct?

    1. Mike


      Prelap, and I've used it, is in my opinion one of those unnecessary technical terms that create a hitch in the read. I prefer…THE SOUND OF SHATTERING GLASS AS…and then take us into the seen where the the body just flew through the window. Just my two cents.

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  2. Apparently foreign distributors are really interested in the horror thriller spec I've been working on this summer and want the script ASAP. Has anyone else had to rush write a script before?

  3. The review embargo on The Counselor is starting to worry me...

  4. The review embargo on The Counselor is starting to worry me...

    1. Mike


      Hey, it has a cheetah! And Cormac's mytho-poeticism. Men consumed with moral quandries, and women who chase them into the corners of their darkest desires. Did I mention it has cheetahs?

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  5. The review embargo on The Counselor is starting to worry me...

    1. Mike


      Iconic author/er...um...screenwriter,(who btw I think is the greatest living novelist,) Iconic director, A-list ensemble cast, what could go wrong?

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  6. I really like Max's writing and his style but... man, that interview was something else. Wouldn't want any women I know near him.

  7. As someone who regularly questions his sanity and abilities in this uncertain and often agonizing endeavor, I'd like to extend a big, blanket loving thanks to all you TBers who have shared your work here. With so many stories around us, just sheer numbers, it's easy to forget that every screenplay is in some ways evidence of a battle. Proof its author tangled with the abyss, and emerged to write another day. Presenting it to the world then takes a whole other kind of courage.

    1. Mike


      I like the way your mind works, Michael.

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  8. Query sent. Query accepted! Fingers crossed!

    1. Mike


      Mad stacks, YO! Sorry, I'm on a Breaking Bad binge, Bitch!

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  9. Congrats to all the Y&H writers!

    1. Mike


      Where the heck is JPR's name? Oh wait, he's like 30.

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  10. Watched FILTH, which had some fun jabs at aspiring writers. Especially a spec script entitled 'Total Pish & Bollox'. ;)

  11. While I came into this forum as a writer... it appears my 'talent' may lie elsewhere. Hmmm

  12. Read a fantastic bio-script, A BOY AND HIS TIGER. Really enjoyed it! Best bio film I've read since MUPPET MAN.

  13. Anyone have any lookbooks or scripts with them inside? I know Can A Song Save Your Life kind of has one in the first three pages....

  14. Helluva good action thriller spec in the Works In Progress. THE CONTROLLER. What a ride, man.

  15. Just read PADRE. Great script.

  16. The World's End is the most fun I've had at the movies in a loooooooong time. I loved it.

  17. Really enjoyed MUD. Jeff Nicholas has some serious ability, simple story with good writing, good direction, beautiful photography. Would recommend.

  18. Thanks to Johnnie for all the new scripts and the infusion of energy. Keep it up.

  19. No. No. No, No, No. No. No.No. No. No, No, No. No. No.No. No. No, No, No. No. No. WHY BEN AFFLECK?!

  20. Can anybody else not see "likes" on the forum? I used to be able to see who liked something now it doesn't show up.

  21. Elmore Leonard. What a guy.

  22. Was asked this morning to sell two completed films...

  23. We need some more decent martial arts action films on the big screen.The Protector 2 - Tom Yum Goong 2 An International Theatrical Release of Tony Jaa in 3D! http://goo.gl/oKrQwd

  24. Bad Robot just posted this video:

    Any thoughts on which project it's from?
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