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  1. Anyone watch The Interview yet? Worth checking out?

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    2. filmandtech


      It's actually my opinion that SONY knew they had a turkey on their hands and they didn't want to spend $50 million to market it and not see much of that back (once they figured out it was tracking horribly) so they "hacked" themselves and then used the free publicity instead of hard money to market this turd. Why do you think the FBI initially pegged it as an inside job by a disgruntled employee?


      Sure to make it look legit they had to throw a few people under...

    3. filmandtech


      the bus to make it look legit. Like Amy. But maybe that was convenient for other reasons?


      Who knows, but this is simply MY OPINION. Not looking to slander anyone.

    4. PJMAC


      Saw the movie last night, much ado about nothing. It was like eating Chinese food.

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