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  1. So my friend at work is a good buddy of a producer of one of the animation domination toons. He asked him if I could submit a spec for the show, the reply was that they dont read specs of their shows, only original pilots...

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    2. DarthVader


      Lefty is right :P This is incredibly normal procedure. I'd be very surprised if you were EVER asked for a spec of the show you were submitting to.

    3. storymaps99


      I've always heard that rule but thought it a bit pompous. Is it SO insulting to take a stab at your show? Why is it such a firm SOP?

    4. AliM


      Long story short, if I know one of the CSI producers, am I better off giving them an original pilot, over a CSI spec?


      Obviously, though, my original pilot should be in the crime/procedural vein, yes?

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