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  1. Has everyone been swamped lately? The chat rooms have been so quiet!

    1. Jaco





    2. sankofa


      writing too! original tv pilots and feature lengths! I's a busy bee! :)

  2. Okay, have a screenwriting competition coming up and have to have an entirely original script ready to mail out on the 12th. So far I have the idea and 50% of the outline finished. If i do 12 pages a day that leaves me with 1 day to panic. Think I can do it?

    1. axalon


      Don't ask us, you're the only one who can answer that question.


      Best of luck!

    2. CastorTroy16


      I'd say wait to submit until next year. You don't want the first draft to be your first impression. Take your time and rewrite until it's in the best shape possible to submit.

    3. 36monsters


      You guys are all right, but I love the pressure. If nothing else, it's forcing me to write. This way I get a good draft done and then spend the next six months brushing it up.


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  3. I got my first paid writing gig!!! Of course, it's for a novelty company coming up with funny slogans, but hell, it's MONEY and it's for WRITING!

  4. I am looking for work if anyone is hiring in the Los Angeles area! Killer writer, DGA 2nd AD and costume designer...so if you need ANY of those 3 spots filled, EMAIL ME!

  5. Looking for Napoleon Dynamite script if anyone has it?

    1. 36monsters


      Never mind, found it!


  6. Need a job! Need a job! Anyone hiring? And before you ask, yes, I'm applying to the jobs on the TB site too...

    1. DarthVader


      What kind of job are you looking for?

  7. Question for the team...want to write a script based on a book that I HATE...which is why I want to write the script and change everything and make it better than it was before. IF I change it enough and make it a totally new story, how do I go about making sure I'm safe? The book is more of an inspiration than a true adaptation...suggestions?

    1. palostick


      Ideas can't be copyrighted only the execution of some of the key components. ie dialogue, specific character/story beats etc. If you like the premise of the book but want to turn it on its head, then you could be okay. BUt if you intend to use the author's characters or unique story structure in a way that they are still recognisable, I'd say choose another project to spec. BTW Hollywood producers buy scripts and books that "they hate" all year round.

    2. 36monsters


      I hate the book because it's such an interesting idea but the author got about 755 of the way through and did a great job and then phoned in the climax and resolution. The core elements are interesting but based enough on historical fact that I can play fast and loose with her characters without compromising the idea behind it. I guess I'll just finish it and then see what I think.


    3. 36monsters


      Oh and before anyone worries about rights, etc, this was orignally an assignment for a class I took in college to adapt a book. I haven't really decided what to do with it yet, if anything at all, just curious at this point.

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  8. Just saw Looper. Kicking myself it was in my den on the couch and not in the theater, but better late than never!

    1. mercutio


      Got the blu-ray from Redbox, Just watched it. Hell. Yes. Can't return it to Redbox yet. Have to watch it again.

    2. Reader George

      Reader George

      Just VOD'd it last night and also sorry I missed it on the big screen.


    3. 36monsters


      Amazing amazing amazing. Look up online how they did the makeup for JGL to look like BW. Amazing!


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  9. Holy crap, it's the 31st? Wait, wait, I didn't make any plans yet...or resolutions...or...aw, screw it. Where's the champagne?

    1. benskelly2


      Sorry. I drank it all.

  10. The Mayan Apocalypse has 4 hours left...With the exception of the announcement that Tyler Perry is putting Kim Kardashian in a movie, I haven't seen much "apocalypting."

    1. admin


      I think that was enough :-)

    2. Storytell


      I am the only survivor of the 2012 Mayan Alocalypse.

  11. Only 6 days until Christmas and I still have people to shop for!!!

    1. Elliott79


      Wait... you mean people do their shopping before Christmas eve??

    2. aphid47


      Ha! I'm heading out today ;)

    3. nazardo


      I just finished and... and it feels like I just finished =)

  12. I miss Halloween...is it seriously December already? Better start those holiday scripts for next year!

  13. Hey guys. I'm in Idaho for the holidays while all the shows are starting their hiatus cycles and have a ton of time on my hands...anybody have a script they want a second set of eyes on?

    1. sbbn


      Usually people try to leave Idaho for the holidays :)

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