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    I am a huge science fiction fan with a special spot in my heart for monster movies... I love old fashioned horror but am not as well versed in the current market...hats of to Vincent Price and all B movie classics!
    I love to read scripts as well as write so if you need a second set of eyes, let me know!

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  1. Okay guys, it's officially online! The short I co-wrote was just posted. Into Scifi?!? CHECK THIS OUT! http://indieflix.com/indie-films/icarus-down-37509/

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    2. Nic8767
    3. Pompalompa


      very cool. nice job. I want more!

    4. 36monsters


      Thank you! There's a full 12 minute version somewhere out there that I'm trying to get my hands on, but the director has been holding off until we finish the festival circuit.

      Soon though...especially as I haven't seen it all yet either!


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