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  1. So I ended up winning best comedy feature at Austin. I'm still trying to process the whole experience, but I can't say enough good things about the festival!

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    2. flashsandstone
    3. Umberto


      Good for you, man. Be aggressive and send out queries, don't just rely on the festival.

    4. aphid47


      quite an accomplishment! Congrats. I've always enjoyed Austin.

  2. Well, I'm in the Austin finals with a comedy. Nervous and excited to be heading to Austin (first time!). Anyone else going? I'd love to meet up...

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    2. Umberto


      They're reading your script? You have to go, imagine not showing for that. LOL.

    3. kittyketchup


      CONGRATS!!!!! How awesome is that!!!

    4. Paul Sanford

      Paul Sanford

      Thanks! I'm still kind of processing the whole experience. And yeah, I have to say - it was pretty awesome!

  3. I'm in the Austin semifinals with a comedy. Hoping for the best and good luck to anyone else in the Austin!

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    2. sankofa



    3. Aluisio


      Congrats and good luck!

    4. craig


      Paul! You made the final cut! Awesome. Maxwell 2.0

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