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  1. BBC's Sherlock continues to amaze. Anyone else watching?

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    2. dsjones


      ...people are talking about exploring character in a negative light? It's not indulgent but what had to happen: you need fall out exploration for the series 2 finale. The premiere is the weakest episode, yes - but episode 2 was a return to form/focus on mystery as well as balancing character. Anyway, wait for the finale - heard nothing but great things.

    3. benskelly2


      ds - I'll still be excited to see it, can't wait. The episodes are extremely well made and the actors great, I just want better structure I guess. I think having only three episodes a season (or series) - and movie length - is the problem actually in this case. Felt the same about Columbo.

    4. benskelly2


      (The last years of Columbo)

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