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    2. nazardo


      Flawed garbage, like test screenings. Average moviegoer doesn’t analyze a film after they exit, especially if they enjoyed it. People have been searching for ways to beat the stock market for years. There’s no free lunch in that. Same deal with movies. Con men loveth a sucker.

    3. aphid47


      Magic Mike performed poorly in test audiences, but killed it in the BO ... anyone who tells you they have a magical formula is selling snake oil.

    4. Mike


      There are people telling me daily that algorithms will one day rule our lives. I can tell you for certain that THOSE people have never been in LOVE. And if they have, it's merely an anomalous affection quotient attributable to the overindulgence in substances inducing outlying, abnormal, and uncorroberatable eroginea factors...No?

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