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  1. I'm thinking of uploading my script to the "Works In Progress" section. Anything I should worry about?

  2. Just signed up for Sorkin's Master class. Why not?

  3. Curious if anyone here ever attends the free BlackList mixers in LA at the Umbrella Company? Anyone planning to attend the July 6th one?

  4. As writers, you might like this short film that I worked on. It stars Paul Scheer, Natasha Leggero, Kristen Schaal, Ken Marino & Milo Ventimiglia.

    1. Breeze24


      That is why I don't pay attention to what sells. Nice job.

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  5. Welp...guess I'm too late for that HBO fellowship. I knew I shouldn't have stopped to buy these Angry Orchards.

    1. Breeze24


      I hope HBO doesn't think they're gonna find the next Shonda Rhimes. I googled Iceman...I must try it.

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  6. Best soundtracks for writing action adventure?

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