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  1. NIGHTCRAWLER was fantastic. Gyllenhaal knocks it out of the park. Beautifully shot. Every bit as good as the screenplay. Please support this movie.

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    2. ira schmira

      ira schmira

      It sticks very closely to the original script. And Gyllenhaal's portrayal of Lou is one for the ages. It's gonna do terrible box office, mainstream audiences won't know what to make of it ("he should've got his just desserts" was one dumb comment i overheard when leaving), but for anyone still interested in original storytelling, edgy characters this movie is for you.

    3. Elliott79


      Such a wonderful script and a great, great part for a leading man.

    4. axalon


      Reviews are glowing from Toronto. Weird how that works -- a great script often leads to a great movie.

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