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  1. I need a logline critique - A man confronts mistakes of his past when his son goes missiong 3 hours before a nuclear bomb drops on his city... Does it make you curious?

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    2. Sly0712


      Well I'd say the main antagonist is time but then I'm sure y'all just rolled your eyes at that. The main antagonist is the father of a criminal who our protagonist lied about in his deposition. So it's sort of like a prisoners scenario. Antagonist lost his son in prison and now wants protag to feel his pain.

    3. Reader George

      Reader George

      Yeah, time = ticking clock. Antagonist needs to be personified so audience can relate. You know, DIE HARD, McLean was running out of time but still antagonist was key to what made that film great. So your story is revenge, good stuff. Actually DIE HARD 2 was revenge on McLean for killing Hans, but also heist film. Maybe revisit that one.

    4. lauriestark


      That's even better that he's racing against two enemies - the ticking clock of the bomb AND the father of the criminal he put behind bars. That makes me more interested for sure!

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