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  1. so i just got a review gushing about the script on every level. Still a double consider. Don't know what else can be done.

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    2. axalon


      I agree with Fray, there are plenty of examples of scripts that didn't get recommends that turned into great movies. Don't let one anonymous person's opinion weigh you down.

    3. mister_7


      I view readers like a roll on the roulette wheel; it's completely chance that their tastes coincide with the number you picked out when you wrote your screenplay. But hey, sometimes we get lucky.

    4. Jaco


      Don't know what else can be done? Make your script better. To do that, you'll need to do as others have already recommended - step back. Put the script down for a week or two or three. Doing changes based on one reviewers opinion will not get your script to the level it needs to be.

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