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  1. The forum may have died, or perhaps its more due to the cliquiness on here that prevented new members from feeling welcome.

    1. axalon


      The forum died?

  2. I need a logline critique - A man confronts mistakes of his past when his son goes missiong 3 hours before a nuclear bomb drops on his city... Does it make you curious?

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    2. Sly0712


      Well I'd say the main antagonist is time but then I'm sure y'all just rolled your eyes at that. The main antagonist is the father of a criminal who our protagonist lied about in his deposition. So it's sort of like a prisoners scenario. Antagonist lost his son in prison and now wants protag to feel his pain.

    3. Reader George

      Reader George

      Yeah, time = ticking clock. Antagonist needs to be personified so audience can relate. You know, DIE HARD, McLean was running out of time but still antagonist was key to what made that film great. So your story is revenge, good stuff. Actually DIE HARD 2 was revenge on McLean for killing Hans, but also heist film. Maybe revisit that one.

    4. lauriestark


      That's even better that he's racing against two enemies - the ticking clock of the bomb AND the father of the criminal he put behind bars. That makes me more interested for sure!

  3. Just got a recommend. Many thanks to those who sent me notes upon notes.

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    2. Jaco


      congrats, man! well done!

    3. Sly0712


      Appreciate it Rob(jaco)

    4. nazardo


      Congrats! Nice to see the hard work pay off!

  4. Tuesday is the day. No two ways

  5. has anyone recived their confirmation of entry for the launchpad pilot comp? Haven't received mine yet. A bit worried.

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    2. Sly0712


      Alrighty. Thanks.

    3. GlitterKitty


      Took weeks for me to get mine.

    4. aphid47


      I received mine about a week after I submitted.

  6. so i just got a review gushing about the script on every level. Still a double consider. Don't know what else can be done.

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    2. Reader George

      Reader George

      To clarify, your "double consider" was for writer and concept? Or you just got a consider twice on different versions? I've made enthusiastic recommends but the prodco just wasn't into those types of stories.

    3. Reader George

      Reader George

      (cont'd) ..which is why I say coverage is something that helps producers make business decisions. Not necessarily a judgment on quality of a given work.

    4. Sly0712


      It was for both writer and concept. I linked it in the works on progress page.

  7. And now, we wait....

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    2. adlocke


      What's the verdict?

    3. Sly0712


      Nothing yet. Usually they release it in the evenings P.S.T

    4. adlocke


      peak hours are like nobody exists!

  8. Just recieved a consider from TB for my pilot. Hoping umpteenth time's the charm.

  9. And he returned from the dead. Just uploaded a new script I finished. Would like some darling to rip it to bits for me.

    1. craktactor


      Andy returned from the dead?

    2. Sly0712


      Oh I meant me. Havent been around these parts for 1 year and some change. Just got back in.

    3. sbbn


      Wait, Andy's back? When the hell did he get back??

  10. Who knew Russian communism music could help me out of writers block.

    1. dsjones


      Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn and Andrey Tarkovskiy

    2. Mike


      You mean Soviet "Agit-pop?"

  11. New man of steel trailer. HO.LY.SHIT!

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    2. ted


      Zack Snyder, the best trailer director in Hollywood.

    3. ... who are those guys?
    4. Shining1


      Looking forward to it! And Axalon, agreed!!!

  12. Just watched the impossible. I only cried 3 times while watching it.

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    2. Raffles


      The script was okay. Excited to see how they recreated the tsunami though.

    3. Penelope


      Tsunami scenes are great.. the rest is very lifetime.

    4. LAscribe88


      Heard it was intense!

  13. Awesome Manchester derby. Didn't know Tom cruise was a soccer fan though.

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    2. aphid47


      What happened in Rio?


    3. aphid47


      Oh, to Rio (Ferdinand) I'm guessing someone hit him with something.

    4. LeftyJones


      Yeah some tosser in the stands threw something and cut him right above the eye.

  14. I tried to get into arrow but I just couldn't. It's a poorly written and poorly acted show. CW does it again I guess.

    1. dsjones


      Did you notice that they steal massive plot points directly from Batman Begins/Dark Knight?

    2. Sly0712


      That's the thing. They're trying to force these complex ideologies and relationships on card board characters. Worst part is they're now trying to make us believe the huntress is a worth character when all she does is get angry and whine.

  15. Ever write that villain that's so fucked up you know he might just be your projection of your evil side?!

    1. dietgreentea


      I prefer it when I write a villain that even makes my evil side go, "dude's fucked up."

    2. storymaps99


      You been watching the debate? ;-)

    3. Sly0712


      Yup. Facts without sources just keep being thrown all over.

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