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  1. "SkyFall" looks absolutely fantastic.

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    2. benskelly2


      Don't get your hopes up too high, DD. All the action shown is in the first ten minutes, very little after that and there's more of the Craig era "personal drama" that makes it as joyless and dark as the last two entries. I think they have forgotten what made Bond special to begin with.

    3. Hasmap


      couldn't agree more with you DD. Looks brilliant. Love the cheeky touch with the cuffs. And, okay, Solace was rubbush, but anyone who says Casino Royale was bad in anyway, doesn't know anything about Bond movies. Period. Craig is up there with Connery and Brosnan as the tops Bonds. Dalton was not bad. Lazenby and Moore were rubbish.

    4. benskelly2


      Hasmap - There is no such thing as "period" when it comes to opinion, period. Sorry. I have been a Bond fanatic for four decades and I think I know what James Bond is supposed to be. Craig is a fugly humorless thug with absolutely no style, charm, sophistication or wit - all the things that make Bond different from every other grunting action hero. CR might have been the greatest Bond film ever if it just had someone else as 007. Furthermore, I have read the script for Skyfall....

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