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  1. How surprising is this: "Jackie" has only grossed $13M and is now in RedBox, so I assume that means they don't expect to see more. I know the script was heavily praised when it first went out. On Rotten Tomatoes, 89% Critic score, 64% Audience. I tend to side with the audience meter more often than not. Discuss.

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    2. sbbn


      Interesting to hear that my suspicions that this was just old hat, more of the same, confirmed. A much more interesting take on it would have to tell how Jackie orchestrated the hit after JFK threatened to cut off her personal coke supply that she was smuggling back from Vietnam on Air America and put her in rehab. True story.

    3. Writer


      @sbbn, Jackie O? More like Jackie BLOW, amiright?

    4. egerst


      They advertised it like a bio pic about a certain incident on her life but it really wasn't. It was a bit odder and darker and tried to get into her mentality after the assn so it played more like a tone poem feeling through those few days and less structured. If they went the more conventional route about how strong she was and moving on with her life prob more audiences would have come out, but really it was just a showcase for Portman's internal performance

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