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  1. Question for the legal minded members: Why would Lauren Weisberger's (presumed) confidentiality agreement with Anna Wintour/Vogue not have prevented The Devil Wears Prada from being published? And if not, of what use was the agreement (or any other such executive/assistant/intern confidentiality agreement)?

    1. CookieMonster


      Depends on the agreement, basically.


      Most will not allow any memoir-type book, article, etc. be written. However, most don't specifically prohibit a fictionalized account. In fact, that language would be very unusual.


      Most standard employee confidentiality agreements address mostly maintaining the secrecy and confidentiality of any confidential business information, not how the boss treats the underlings.

    2. Jaco


      Maybe the publisher's lawyers felt confident classifying the book as satire and/or were comfortable believing the author's claims that the character(s) were based on an amalgamation of numerous real life characters.

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