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  1. What's the word on InkTip? Worth looking around or no? Thanks.

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    2. sbbn


      Spec_Writer, what are some of the movies they have produced? Granted I haven't done any in depth research but the scripts I've skimmed have not been optioned or produced to the best of my knowledge.

    3. specwriter



      They don't make studio movies; these are mostly DTV movies, MOWs or markets like family films or faith-based films. Yes, they feature B stars like Lea Thompson or Michael Madsen, but hey I'll take a movie with those names over a script in a drawer. Here's an interview with Lovely Molly screenwriter, who met Eduardo Sanchez via inktip and has built a career...http://tinyurl.com/82v6ulc

    4. craig


      Different strokes for different folks. All this feedback is great. Thank you.


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