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  1. Question: I'm looking for screenplays in the vein of Roman Polanski's Repulsion: relatively contained, psychological horror/thrillers with small casts. Also any movies you can suggest similar to Repulsion? Psycho and Black Swan came to mind though they aren't exactly like Repulsion they do exist in a similar plane (main character struggling to maintain their sense of sanity/losing their sanity, etc. Thanks!

    1. Michael L

      Michael L

      Not sure about "contained" but these come to mind... Gaslight (dir. George Cukor), Rosemary's Baby (Polanksi), Safe (Todd Haynes), 3 Women (Robert Altman), Taxi Driver (Scorsese), Shock Corridor (Sam Fuller), Jacob's Ladder (Adrian Lyne), Take Shelter (Jeff Nichols), The Machinist (Brad Anderson), The Innocents (Jack Clayton), The Shining (Kubrick), Anti-Christ (Lars von Trier)...


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