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  1. Question about revenge movies: is there a "moral code" of sorts in these kinds of movies?

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    2. sankofa


      I agree. all of this is stemming from a screenplay I'm writing it's a revenge thriller and the person who looked at my outline basically said the main character lacked a moral compass. THe outline is still in the drafting stage. I don't know, the main character in my screenplay was betrayed by team members on a mission and left for dead...years later he comes back to punish every person involved. I don't feel that, in this case, there is a moral code. Morality flew out the win...

    3. sankofa


      "morals" flew out the window when the main characters team members did what they did to him. So, I was surprised at my reviewer's thoughts, that's all. it's evolving (my outline) and I know there is much I need to add, etc.

    4. CookieMonster


      IMO, if the person who looked at it said that your character lacked a moral compass, it means the incident that set things off wasn't relatable enough or wasn't severe enough. You want people to nod their heads and think, "Yeah, I can see going over the edge like that if that happened to me."


      If that's not what you're getting something is off.

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