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  1. Huge dump of OWAs! A few I wouldn't dare touch, a ton that don't spark any interest at all, a few that do interest me and one I'd like to take a crack at. Time to advance, then maybe one day I can fill one of these OWAs .

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    2. admin


      Hmmm. I just looked on both of our screens, and it appears they are all dated correctly. 200+ are from MAy 10, then I see January, December, and so on.

    3. admin


      All OWAs are verified beforehand SF. They are active projects, currently seeking writers. Keep in mind, some of these (the bigger ones) may only take prospective writers, or queries on availability from agencies, etc.

    4. SFscribe


      Fair enough. I was just relaying what the producer listed for the "Jane Austin Marriage Manual" relayed to me.

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