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  1. I don't disagree with the Plummer/Spacey switcheroo, but goddamn! Sony is cold as ice! LOL, who even thought this sorta thing was possible so close to release??

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    2. benskelly2


      I thought it was Ridley Scott’s decision. And like I say, I get it. I just wouldn’t want to see it become a go-to thing at the first whiff of scandal. Can anyone remember this being done before with a finished film?

    3. drb000


      I think of one crazy one was when after the Aurora shooting at Batman, Gangster Squad had a set piece with a theater shooting, so they re-shot that. But I dunno if the film was complete. And this being 6 weeks before release, and with an awards contender - this is pretty crazy and probably unprecedented. How insane would it be if Plummer got an Oscar nom? I also wonder if Sony is gonna file an insurance claim for some of this

    4. David Fakrikian

      David Fakrikian

      In this era of DCPs, it's easy you can finish the film like 3 days before release.

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