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  1. Hrm, maybe I built up the project in my mind too much (Fincher/Keanu y u no do dis??), but the BURNT trailer seems a tad underwhelming:

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    2. Bobbylaw


      It's the tone.

      GREAT script but there was definitely a humor element in it that's clearly absent from the film...

      Looks like they've made it into a thriller/drama. Stupid move.

    3. flashsandstone


      Always great to see a long overdue screenplay get made, however this did not look good at all. Truly a shame.

    4. Writer


      @Bobbylaw, that's my feeling exactly. I always felt the tone of the script was about as "dark" as an Aaron Sorkin drama. The trailer seems to sell the movie as being way-too-serious.


      Might just be a trailer thing though. Will def still be giving this a watch.

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