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  1. This Woody Allen documentary is fantastic. Streaming it on Netflix. Part 1 goes into a lot of detail about his writing evolution.

  2. A 1/3 of all US movie ticket buyers have dropped off the grid this weekend? Anyone here actually planning on seeing anything?

  3. Am looking at apps for my iPad to outline stories, can anybody tell me which they think is the best? Storyist, Index Card, Cat?

  4. My spec SAM DINKLE: SECRET AGENT went out today - fingers crossed! :)

  5. Anyone else watching the Olympics and finding the primetime show adverts more embarrassing than usual?

  6. Magnets, bitch!

  7. Wow, Moonrise Kingdom bored me to tears. I can't be the only one, right?

  8. Watched the season five opener of Breaking Bad -- holy shit, it's coming back harder then ever! Incredible. And I might just be persuaded to share the streaming login for a 24-48 hour window if someone has something awesome to swap? :-)

  9. In bed, watching Casablanca. Where's my Bogart?

  10. In bed, watching Casablanca. Where's my Bogart?

  11. Favorite script typo of the week: "the cat that ate the cannery". Now, I want to see that movie.

  12. Why does the Disney/ABC Writers Program still require you mail in two CDs? Do they even still make CD-r's? :-0 http://tinyurl.com/7wxcmuf

  13. Judging by the trailer, Dark Shadows isn't at all what I thought it would be. I was expecting, a dark gothic tale, with a little bit of horror thrown in for good measure. But it seems Depp, Burton and co have a more campish, comedic take. I doesn't bother me either way, as Iike the look of it and will watch it regardless. Just abit surprised by the direction of the film.

  14. Jeff Who Lives at Home is probably the best Duplass brother's movie thus far.

  15. Just read a script where the writer spellchecked the word "prodigies" into "porridges". The word "porridges" is now in the title.

  16. Awake pilot was great! I

  17. Just sent in my It's Always Sunny spec to the Nick Writing Fellowship ... now I just wait until August.

  18. Just sent in my It's Always Sunny spec to the Nick Writing Fellowship ... now I just wait until August.

  19. The River was pretty good. We shall see...

  20. Oooh, more pilots! Thanks Ted.

  21. Submitted script to Tracking Board's Coverage Service. We'll see what happens, details to follow :|

  22. After hearing a large chunk of the message board rave, I just go the first season of Breaking Bad. Here we go!

  23. "The New Girl" is a great show. Respect.

  24. is loving American Horror Story. It's brilliant in it's open natured twistedness... I've been waiting for a "Shining" esque take on modern horror...and now I've got it! Yessss!

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