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  1. I know there's a glut of President in danger scripts but I'd really like for someone to write one where the debate stand-ins save the day. http://tiny.cc/qj6llw

    1. Nic.Lishko


      Logline: A presidential debate gets hijacked by terrorists and it's up to 5 audience members to save the candidates. The theme of the movie is "Don't mess with Jason Statham." Starring Jason Statham, Nic Cage, Jennifer Lawrence, Rosie O'donnel and Christopher Lloyd.

    2. storymaps99


      The photo = LOL. Why are they so young?

    3. sangun


      Univ. of Denver students. They just keep getting younger and younger.

  2. I got cut off in traffic by a car with the plate KARMA LA.

    1. anti_hero2012


      Haha. ohh the irony.

    2. nazardo



    3. jtthieme


      This proves that Karma is a bitch.

  3. CIA, BBC, Sesame Street, Waffle House. Where's the Tracking Board sex scandal?

    1. admin


      Coming soon... anyone interested in partaking :-) Haha!

    2. Galleria.Pictures


      Make it male-on-male and I'll get my camera.

    3. sankofa


      Joseph: oh my! :) I want to watch too!

  4. Adapt away. Daily Mail headline - Teenage exorcists who say Harry Potter has corrupted the world head to Britain armed with Bibles and Holy Water to tackle hotbed of occult activity

    1. dsjones


      Said to be in the vein of "American History X" meets "The Son of Rambow" - a powerful tale of religious zealotry through the eyes of children.

    2. Reader George

      Reader George

      Fools. Everyone knows Hellmouth is in Sunnydale.


    3. Babzbitela


      YUP! Sunnydale truly did suck ...didn't it?


  5. Favorite script typo of the week: "the cat that ate the cannery". Now, I want to see that movie.

    1. aphid47


      that has to be an enormous cat

    2. dietgreentea



  6. Whenever a new "teenage girl" movie comes out the reviews always begin with "I know I'm not the target audience and I don't understand any of this movie but let me tell you this is awful."

    1. dsjones


      the fundamental problem with target audiences - compromising story for what the people in charge assume the target wants.

    2. ... who are those guys?

      ... who are those guys?

      When it's a YA novel with a built in audience of millions they want to curb the amount of angry letters they get written on hello kitty stationary.

  7. Looking forward to The Asylum's release of Atlantic Rim.

  8. Anyone else disturbed that scientists have Frankensteined a jellyfish out of rat muscle? I know this movie never ends well.

    1. tonka


      Luckily Japanese engineers have started to build a mech, y'know, to keep things balanced.

    2. Mr Cakes

      Mr Cakes

      That, the bees, and Franken-seeds, things are gittin' mighty weird...

  9. I'm conflicted. B.J. and the Bear or Who's the Boss as the Rock/McG's follow-up to The Fall Guy?

    1. craktactor


      The better choice may be CPO Sharkey. Or a reimagining of Mr. Ed.

    2. specwriter


      Alf: The Return!

  10. My work Acrobat is stuck at 3200%. I can see one word which offers a new script screening method. PROOF – consider, THINKING – pass, COOKIE – recommend.

  11. Amazon Studios - where scripts go to die but are resurrected as Kindle graphic novels. Amazon Storyteller can't really be about them making movies can it?

    1. dsjones


      Amazon is a toddler who is swimming out into the deep end without any idea how to swim. Their Zombieland pilot proved that they aren't ready.

  12. Train vs. bus accident in Downtown LA. No serious injuries but the bus with a large sign for "Elementary" looks the worse for wear.

  13. Anyone else ever get spam folder "Go Bigger" emails and think it's from the Writer's Store?

  14. Third person I know who saw the movie last week just compared "Dragon Tattoo" to "Criminal Minds".

  15. I heard the Riddick radio advert this morning and at first thought it was an anti-smoking PSA.

  16. And Hollywood is burning. A friend's car was torched last night in one of the dozen fires that were set. Love Street House looks gutted.

  17. How low-budget/cheap is Soderbergh's Bitter Pill? The crew can't use overnight Fed-Ex and have to use three day delivery.

  18. Rich Ross fired on a Friday. I guess Disney couldn't hold out until Memorial Day weekend.

  19. Irradiated butterflies in Japan. Was Mothra friendly?

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