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  1. I like the idea that somewhere Stephen Sommers is sitting with his feet propped up drinking a mai tai.

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    2. sangun


      The stories about the abuse he took from Paramount on GI Joe are incredible. At least he was talented enough to turn out a releasable film.

    3. Nic.Lishko


      I didn't hear about this?...I just remember really liking Stewart Beattie's first draft back when it was Delta Force.

    4. sangun


      The first film tested really well. Unfortunately for Sommers the phrase "tested better than both Transformer movies combined" got repeated a lot. Suddenly, a rumor appears on Don Murphy's message board that Sommers has been fired and the film is a disaster. It all played out so publicly it was kind of amazing. I've never seen a studio work so hard to sabotage a film in the home stretch.

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