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  1. Reading the WGA press release about the deal with Amazon Studios. It had this phrase: "plant our flag in that rich and amorphous land called new media." Sometimes it's easy to hate writers.

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    2. sangun


      It was emailed to me and I can't find an external link. It's basically that the WGA has a full MBA deal in place with the "People’s Production Company (PPC), the Amazon affiliate responsible for professional content development and production."

    3. specwriter


      It might help if the WGA were to acknowledge that the amorphous "new media" realm has come a long way since the strike FIVE YEARS AGO. You know, to actually try to fight the studios (and other companies, like Amazon, Netflix, whoever) from treating creatives like slave labor because, "no one knows how to make a profit yet from the internet space." Apparently, all of those ads on Hulu, Youtube, and every other streaming site are purchased with sawdust and dreams.

    4. sangun


      If the WGA was interested in fighting anyone they'd stop electing producers as their presidents. The dream of every WGA member is to become a producer so he/she can screw over other writers.

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