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  1. One of the worst scenes to find in a reshoot? The SUMMATION SCENE where one actor explains to another actor the previous 100 minutes because the movie makes no sense.

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    2. storymaps99


      Seen Kevin Smith's "Red State?" The long epilogue, aka "John Goodman explains what happened in the climax," felt like Kevin Smith was trying to do the Coen Bros. (e.g., ending of No Country). It was awkward. But if this film is Smith's transition into challenging himself to do more complex films, then it's a nice start.

    3. storymaps99


      And the worst summation scene is M. Night's cameo at the end of "The Village." Yikes.

    4. Monkey Munch

      Monkey Munch

      Let's not forget the psychiatrist in Psycho.

      And while we're at it, let's honor TV's mini-version of this scene, which usually begins with the crusty police boss saying, "Let me get this straight. You're tell me a dead body/pound of heroin/bag of gold was found in a school locker/deserted warehouse/clown's anus etc."

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