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  1. "Bitch" is the new "Fuck". How to get over that Bitch. The Bitch in apt 23. Your fiance is a bitch. Inner Bitch. Bitch Bitch Bitch

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    2. Alexy


      what you need is a title like, "John Pinkerton is Fucking My Bitch Whore Mother." or something like that

    3. johngary


      Yeah, uh, 500 Days of Summer already pretty much owned the word 'bitch' and only did it in the epigram.

    4. SueSi84


      Too many bitches.

  2. 30Rock watchers... can someone tell me what happened with Jack and Avery? Are they married? I know they have a kid together but has she been on this season and what's their relationship status? Thanks!

  3. ABRAHAM LINCOLN VS ZOMBIES Sold? I need to whip up a new spec script ... maybe "Undead Presidents vs. Godzilla" or "Thomas Jefferson vs. The Witches of Salem Mass." or "Nixon vs. Dracula" ... oh boy

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    2. sppeterson


      @sanguine -- more like a 1992 Fiesta.

    3. Cyber Hater

      Cyber Hater

      "Robots vs Machines: Brothers From Another Mother...board"

    4. AliM


      Ballaz Vs Hataz -- A Snoop Dogg/Fiddy Cent Joint

  4. All Ron Moore had to do is say "Supernatural CSI" and bam his TV show got picked up to Pilot.... Reading it now. It's okay... nothing earth shattering yet just straightforward Cop procedural

  5. Anybody else here entering the Disney/ABC Fellowship? Game changer this year with 2 letters of recommendation required huh?

    1. TheTypeBMBA


      It is a bit intimidating perhaps, but "entertainment industry professionals" casts a fairly wide net.

    2. typistolero


      Just make sure to practice your diversity.

  6. Best Pilot for 2012 you've read so far? Tell me? I read Graceland and it was okay... felt like a dated 90's TNT show. Wexler's Pilot for TBS was funny and Forty by Doug Elin was just okay... but nothing has popped yet for me... read up to 10 pages of others and they seemed flat. Anybody got one or more they love?

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    2. nathanrrr


      Awake was great, loved the finish pilot. Hell on Wheels also had a strong finished pilot but I am still luke warm on it. Red, I agree, Exit Strategy had some much potential but execution was SO POOR.


    3. LeftyJones


      @Mikey P -- agree re: Graceland. Very 90s. But don't knock it to TNT... This is like USA net's original identity. Remember Silk Stalkings, Pacific Blue? And Eastin writes a lot of annoying little asides that make me want to slap him.

    4. mikeyP_73


      @LeftyJones -- ha! that's right. Oh man - Silk Stalkings. What if they rebooted that? ;0


  7. By the way.. this is the best tracking board online for all things H-wood period!

  8. Enjoyed Harry's Law last night on NBC - they actually pulled off a smart, funny action packed show like their sister network USA.... I'll give it another go next week. Anybody else see it?

    1. nathanrrr


      I have seen the first two episodes, it is witty and smart but might not be my cup of tea.

  9. Good luck all you Austin bound folks... look out for one of my favorite scripts that keep winning festivals called "Mother's Day" by Kevin Lee Miller... it's an amazing, dark, action comedy set in the Windy City...

  10. Happy Booooos and Blood .... =)

  11. Head over to www.warnerbros.com to see...err hear... General Zod ... =)

    1. ThaVillain


      Thanks for this. Michael Shannon is all kinds of awesome.

  12. Hey all, I am offering a 10% discount to my advanced spec class starting in a couple of weeks. PM me and I'll give you a discount code. Sign up here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/script-anatomy-advanced-tv-spec-lab-2-tickets-15815210721?utm_content=buffera2770&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer

    1. palostick


      If I lived in LA i'd be seriously tempted. Congrats on getting the staff gig on State of Affairs.

    2. mikeyP_73
  13. Hey all. Lots have asked how my Nexxus Pilot is going after TB Recommends. I just did a minor rewrite for a management company (who sent it to a big 3 agency) and I am in wait and see mode. The file on the file exchange is the one originally sent to TB, it has since been updated(Grammar, plot point or two, etc.) and is much more clean. But, I am in wait-n-see mode. All the initial hub but was huge. Now, I anxiously await next steps. Shout out to TB for recommending me. Will keep u posted.

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    2. admin


      It'd be great to get all the TB recommends guys to maybe start a post in the forum somewhere to talk about their experiences, etc. Could be kind of cool.

    3. dietgreentea


      Good to hear, sir! And I'd be down for that...

    4. Cyber Hater

      Cyber Hater

      Good shit...

  14. Hey Hive Mind. I'm doing some research and I'm looking for your favorite movies where two or more lovable lugs go on the run from the mob, the government, other baddies after they either a) unknowingly fuck something up B) get embroiled in a plot unwittingly or c) steal from said bad guys or government... What are some of your favorite "on the run" movies? Thanks--MP

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    2. mikeyP_73


      Amazing! Thanks, all! Love the old and the new. Some I wouldn't even have thought of exploring! YAY


    3. electroglodyte


      Big fan of Midnight Run myself, but I'm surprised that Some Like It Hot hasn't come up yet.

    4. electroglodyte


      Also, a more recent Irish entry: The Young Offenders (

      ) And yes, that's English they're speaking.
  15. Holy Shit - EXIT STRATEGY was Alias meets 24 on crack - so fucking good... I highly recommend

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    2. LeftyJones


      I agree - great pilot. Curious how they'll maintain that level cost-wise week to week. Only downer for me was that exact plot was done on Covert Affairs last season, which is candy glass by comparison.

    3. Nic.Lishko


      You had me at 24. If it's in the Exchange, I'll totally read it.

    4. LeadSolo


      well, it's not. hint. hint.

  16. I added Death Valley to the File exchange ... for reals .. my first attachment didn't go through ... it's there now .. ENJOY!

  17. I can't believe how big the Black List gets every year... I think they should divide it into categories (Comedy Drama Adaption Graphic Novel etc etc. So, I have 2 beefs: 1) I don't think writers who adapt a best selling book should be on there unless they actually wrote the book... 2) In one of the categories there should be specs (writers that are new) vs. established writers ... Don't know if that all makes sense

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    2. mikeyP_73


      Ha ha... Yes. I was going to add that's why I loved the Hit List over the Black List ...

    3. sbbn


      I don't have issue with either of the beefs you mention: if the black list is about essentially most popular writing, why does it matter if it is from source material (which still takes an skill to adapt) or established writers. It isn't a list to promote new writers or to promote unadapted works.


      That being said - I'm very glad there is the HIT LIST and it's fun to compare how things shake out between the two.

    4. mikeyP_73


      True true. And I just watched Franklin Leonard's speech. He does say that his intent was to find new voices and / or new scripts that people love. So, the Black List are the most "loved" scripts in Tinsel Town no matter the genre or subject matter... All I have to say is ... I wish I had time to read them all =)

  18. I highly recommend the Steve Kessler documentary "Paul Williams: Still Alive” ... awesome. Paul Williams wrote some of the biggest hits in the 70s, appeared on Carson, was in Planet of the Apes... amazing story. Funny and heartwarming

    1. benskelly2


      I've wanted to see this, I'll check Netflix.

    2. cosmojones


      I will check that one out -- thanks for the heads up.

  19. I love this script competition! You guys/gals should enter if you have a great script. Cool prizes. Last year's winner met w/ Shane Black and got repped. http://www.justeffing.com/2011-screenwriting-competition/

    1. chris.kartje


      Thanks for the info!

  20. If I see a screenplay with another GD title that has "Douchebag" in it I am going to scream... Maybe I should write a script called DOUCHEBAG - 3D - IN SPACE

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    2. Nic.Lishko


      Dr. Douchebag or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

    3. boynotorious


      Bad Christian Douchebags. I wonder if that would piss the PTC off as well?

    4. Jaco


      Douchebag Houser, M.D.


      Justin Bieber attached.

  21. If you are having problems with dialogue today just use this link and you can steal some golden Sheen quotes..http://www.livethesheendream.com

    1. benskelly2


      My absolute favorite that no one else has singled out is "I'm tired of pretending I'm not special". I love it.

  22. Is it me or is there a ton of Iraqi War and Personal Story content getting sold?

  23. Is thinking how much he misses seeing Sean Connery on screen with a new movie. I hope he's really enjoying retired life

  24. Just got married last week y'all and started a writing fellowship this week... life is good... how are you?

  25. Just read "Snow White and the Huntsman" and I loved it... can't believe I didn't read this long ago. It's beautiful, fun, simple, action packed and filled with tons of escalating conflict.

    1. mebishop2001


      Looks like John Lee Hancock and Hossein Amini rewrote it for the screen. They share writing credit on it.

    2. CookieMonster


      Which version did you read? Because I thought the original one floating around was awful. From the previews it appears the rewrite was much better.

    3. mikeyP_73


      I read a recent version - 2nd or 3rd draft maybe?

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