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  1. Just wanted to post this cool contest. Last year's winner got $, repped and had lunch w/ Shane Black. Here's the link: http://www.justeffing.com/2011-screenwriting-competition/ -- and shit this year they are giving away a Tattoo from Kat Von D too if you want it! Crazy!

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    2. Abdirman


      I'm for the school that says that you need to make every page interesting but it's ridiculous to pay $45 to 65 to have your first 15 pages read.

    3. Nic.Lishko


      ........did not know that about only first 15. My story kicks off on 19!

    4. mikeyP_73


      When I use to do coverage for a big agency - the rule was by page 10 something better be going on... I think they want you to establish the world, characters, theme and catalyst (ala standard structure) by pages 12 -15 ...

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