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  1. Just wanted to post this cool contest. Last year's winner got $, repped and had lunch w/ Shane Black. Here's the link: http://www.justeffing.com/2011-screenwriting-competition/ -- and shit this year they are giving away a Tattoo from Kat Von D too if you want it! Crazy!

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    2. Abdirman


      I'm not disagreeing with you on that point because if nothing is happening in the first 15 pages then you need work on your story and structure but people should that they'll focus on the first 15 before entering and paying hefty sum for 15 pages.

    3. mikeyP_73


      Oh I know and I hear you. What I like about that contest is that they are up front about how they judge. I know someone who judges for Austin and they are encouraged to read up to page 20 or 30. So, yes writers should focus on the whole script - because if contest judges/ readers gets past the first 15 and keep going then it better be great all the way up to page 120 right? Last years winner also won Blue Cat. Same script different title I think. Anywhoo. Yep focus on writing a kick ass scr...

    4. Nic.Lishko


      Definitely will. I mean, my hook is obvious from page 1, it just takes 17 more pages to get into :D.

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