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  1. love the Red Band trailer for "Take me home tonight" ... I hope it's good... I think we all need a good 80's like movie these days to make us laugh till it hurts

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    2. tbblue


      Saw a screening of it a while back, really loved it. There's some great scenes in there (Demetri Martin kills!) and it doesn't exaggerate the 80s, which I liked a whole lot. Made it feel more real that way. Also, the soundtrack kicks so much ass!

    3. treyselman


      "Demetri Martin kills!" i had no idea he was in there. ha. takin' it to 11.

    4. boynotorious


      I agree with Blue. I caught a screening of this years back. Or so it seems. The movie was a blast. This might be the first time in history that you should really ignore the long delay.

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