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  1. Hey Hive Mind. I'm doing some research and I'm looking for your favorite movies where two or more lovable lugs go on the run from the mob, the government, other baddies after they either a) unknowingly fuck something up B) get embroiled in a plot unwittingly or c) steal from said bad guys or government... What are some of your favorite "on the run" movies? Thanks--MP

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    2. ChelseaCJ


      Keanu, and Let's Be Cops are more recent fun takes on the genre

    3. drb000


      I'm actually a pretty big fan of 2 Guns. Also: Central Intelligence. 48 Hours is another good buddy comedy. The Nice Guys. Not all of these are entirely on the run, I suppose, though

    4. Usaro


      Some older/classic recs: It Happened One Night is fantastic though only one of the characters is on the run. Pierrot le Fou is wildly original. They don't exactly fit all your parameters, but Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Badlands, and Bonnie and Clyde all provide great structural touch-points... and two of them are truly great.

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