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  1. Best Pilot for 2012 you've read so far? Tell me? I read Graceland and it was okay... felt like a dated 90's TNT show. Wexler's Pilot for TBS was funny and Forty by Doug Elin was just okay... but nothing has popped yet for me... read up to 10 pages of others and they seemed flat. Anybody got one or more they love?

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    2. TheTypeBMBA


      Hell on Wheels was pretty damn good.

    3. admin


      All I know is my two favorite pilots (scripts) from last year (Exit Strategy and Awake) both become horrible pilots (shot). I hope this year is a bit different.

    4. TheTypeBMBA


      Damn! I forgot, my favorite is R.E.M., coming to NBC as Awake was a GREAT read. I desperately hope Red is wrong...

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