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  1. so who wants to write episode 7?

    1. ThaVillain


      Only if I can re-title it "Star Fucking Wars"

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  2. Hope A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT is the start of a hilarious new trend for spec titles.

  3. Anyone watch Neighbors tonight? Thoughts?

  4. With the Endeavour landing today, I'm looking forward to the onslaught of space shuttle scripts. Big heist or carrying a killer virus or rebooted to fight aliens or...

  5. Does anyone know if more Black List scripts come out later in the year, rather than earlier? A la most Oscar nominees.

  6. Always bothers me when I see an AMAZING Indie film, then find out the budget was five million dollars. Yeah. Indie. I'm looking at you Taking Shelter.

  7. Anybody able to point me in the direction of great detective films/TV that don't rely on a Watson, please?

  8. Young and Hungry 2012 list up, wooooo!

    1. ThaVillain


      Yeah, considering the relative small size of the screenwriting community in general, the size of the list does kind of dilute any accomplishment of being on it. It would be much better as a Top 5 or 10 Writers to Watch type thing. As is, its pretty much every newish writer that went out with a spec this year.

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  9. Young and Hungry 2012 list up, wooooo!

    1. ThaVillain


      For those having trouble on the website, try your emails. They sent the list as well.

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  10. Question about revenge movies: is there a "moral code" of sorts in these kinds of movies?

  11. My spec SAM DINKLE: SECRET AGENT went out today - fingers crossed! :)

  12. whats the average time it takes to read a script? it just feels like its taking ages to read the dark knight rises script. it is in paperback form.

  13. http://youtu.be/Q48Aq488GwA - Cloud Atlas trailer. Wowza! Looks fantastic.
  14. I think its good to hear warner bros are removing the cinema scene from gangster squad and re-refilming some thing new.

  15. It's really disturbing that the people in the theater shooting in Colorado thought the gunman was part of the marketing.

  16. Read two great scripts on drive from CO to AZ yesterday. The Bitter Pill (slow, but ends strong) and The Death of Archer Newman (awesome, odd last page, better graphic novel than movie. Not sure how it would work...).

  17. Wow, Moonrise Kingdom bored me to tears. I can't be the only one, right?

  18. Went to a PGA Screening of BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD. One word: Wow! Brilliantly touching, yet completely unorthodox film -- with great acting from completely untrained civilians. See it next week. Well worth the price of admission. I put my rep on that...

  19. Caught a sneak peak of Moonrise Kingdom last night - absolutely fantastic.

  20. Gotta stop researching at some point . . .

  21. Hey all. Lots have asked how my Nexxus Pilot is going after TB Recommends. I just did a minor rewrite for a management company (who sent it to a big 3 agency) and I am in wait and see mode. The file on the file exchange is the one originally sent to TB, it has since been updated(Grammar, plot point or two, etc.) and is much more clean. But, I am in wait-n-see mode. All the initial hub but was huge. Now, I anxiously await next steps. Shout out to TB for recommending me. Will keep u posted.

  22. Just read Snow White and the Huntsman (draft that sold). Mucho interesante. Didn't look too familiar in the trailer. How much was changed?

  23. Just finished reading Oblivion. WOW! Great stuff!

  24. Gaaaaaaaaah, COUNTERPOINT just hit the market! I'll see you all in four days when I finally sober up.

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