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  1. My thoughts while watching THIS IS 40 with the wife last night: "This is 40 minutes too long..."

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    2. ThaVillain


      McGeek, this one hits the beats. The only problem is, there's no plot and no goal, so the beats aren't tied together. It's just random. But there's a midpoint, all is lost, etc. Still, its so aimless the structure doesn't even matter. And the "message" of the movie will vary from person to person. You may have found it interesting, but I didnt. Little Miss Sunshine is a comedy that said something great about interpersonal relationships. And Little Miss Sunshine thi...

    3. craig


      If you are over 40 with kids, you get this movie. If you are under 40 without kids, you won't. Simple as that.

    4. ThaVillain


      Excellent point, Craig. Good movies transcend their time and place and captivate audiences who may or may not have any direct, personal connection to the material.

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